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Sacred Cooking Events

Gluten free, Vegan, Ayurvedic and Vegetarian Cooking Classes


Gluten-free, Vegan, Ayurvedic and Vegetarian Cooking Classes

Workshops are roughly held once a month in Bicton, Perth, Western Australia. All workshops are small, seating only 10, so it’s advisable to book your place early on. Early bird pricing is available for all workshops, after which a full price is charged. Most workshops are held on the weekend and sometimes on a weekday as well. Please see Terms and conditions (link) for workshops before purchasing your ticket. If you want to be notified of the classes please join my mailing list.

Not often you find gluten-free workshops. Notes are given at the workshop. Its a mix of watching and getting involved with the cooking process. Madhu made it look so easy. When I tried myself at home a week later, I stuffed it up somehow but Madhu still helped me via messaging – I showed her photos and she told me how to fix it. And she followed up by checking how I went. Now that’s great service! Thanks Madhu. Practice makes perfect for me 😉 Lisa Mirtsopoulos

Madhu’s lentil class took the mystery out of lentils for me. I not only discovered how time efficient lentils could be when preparing a meal but how easy it was to add so many different flavours depending on your taste. The sit down meal at the end was enjoyable and a highlight. Katrina Bourne

Madhu Seth is a writer, social media strategist, small business owner and a foodie at heart. She travelled around the globe savouring new cultures and learning new cuisines.

Her cooking workshops are a growing niche because it’s for people looking for Gluten free, Vegan, from scratch plant based dishes. Eating healthy for healing and keeping well, is still at the core of her cooking classes held monthly in Perth, Australia.

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