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About Sacred Cooking

Our food holds the most sacred part of our lives.

Something we cannot take for granted.

While we can’t control what we breathe, we can control what we eat!

Yet, how many of us view food like that?

Our soil has changed, our food has changed and our tastes have changed. Somehow, we are blissfully unaware of this catastrophic change that has happened in the last century. It is time, we looked at our food and question where it is coming from, how is it being cooked and what is added to it.

We eat even when we are not hungry. We cook it in ways that denatures it. We sometimes go for taste and no nutritional value whatsoever. We cook, heat, freeze and reheat again. We are so time poor that we give in to fast food not realising the damage we are causing our children. We have access to all kinds of appliances never used in history and yet we find it hard to make meals at home. Somewhere along the way we have lost our connection to nature.

Sacred Cooking is a culinary journey where tradition meets modernity. Where East meets the West, and all come together  in a melting pot of flavours and health. In other words, “Clean eating!” Here you will also find an undeniable relationship between our food choices, your family’s health and the environment you live in. Maybe you can control what you breathe after all!

In this Blog, you will discover the joy of preparing raw and wholesome foods, the art of fermentation, culturing, sprouting and the best way to cook ancient grains. Healthy recipes, peppered together with my stories and travels to different parts of the world!  You’ll love this sacred journey!  Because it’s yours too!

About Me!

My name is Madhu Seth.

I wasn’t born a foodie but adventure and travels got me interested.

Especially since it was the only way to connect to people I couldn’t converse with!

I was born in New Delhi, India but lived in many cities since, and most of my childhood memories are actually from Hong Kong. I continued my nomadic lifestyle after I got married and continued to live and travel  to over 45 countries some very remote so to speak.

I am an ex-Advertising writer, Teacher of media studies, Journalism post graduate and an enthusiast for all things good for your soul, be it reading, cooking, meditating, grounding, walking and gardening.

My recipes has hints and traces of my travels, experiences and connection to nature. Some recipes have such rich stories behind them that I do become emotional remembering friends and people who alleviated my loneliness in strange countries with their rich culture and food!

I now live in beautiful sunny Perth in Australia with my daughter, husband and our adorable dog Snowy. And Sacred Cooking is my passion for everything healthy, clean and pure that I want to share with you!

I also love going to orchards, wineries and backyards picking up produce, straight from the trees! You will read about my adventures albeit some small and some very risky but none involves climbing trees!  When I am not blogging, you can find me in the garden, savouring the lovely mediterranean Perth weather, tinkering over seedlings and watching them grow.

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