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Gluten free fermented Buckwheat pancakes

Gluten free fermented Buckwheat pancakes

Since becoming gluten free a year back, it has been an amazing journey. Firstly I got to learn and taste so many different grains but most importantly make recipes that taste so good and more nourishing than wheat!

My family doesn’t really crave pancakes. They smash an egg into the pan instead of a blender with milk and flour. But I think since becoming gluten free I had stopped making them at all and I think that’s when everyone starts craving for it.

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Buckwheat groats

This is an amazing recipe because it is vegetarian and buckwheat is a very nourishing grain. Also called kuttu in India, it has been used in traditional societies for a very long time. Buckwheat is available as a flour, as groats or as kernels. Groats are the hulled kernels. And this recipe uses groats rather than flour. The reason I am fermenting it is because it makes the buckwheat digestible and gives you probitotics too! No egg, no gluten and yummy! Your kids won’t even know it’s this healthy!



2 cups buckwheat groats

1.5 cup thin yogurt ( yogurt diluted with water)

1 cup yogurt


a pinch of baking powder


biuckwheatgroats soaking in buttermilk/yogurt



Soak the buckwheats in the thinned yogurt for 6-8 hours or overnight.

Drain them and then add the fresh yogurt and blend them in a blender. Add salt or water according to the consisitency you need. Your pancake batter is ready. You can use this over 2-3 days if you store it in the refrigerator.

In a heated pan pour a little quantity. Let cook and flip.




Serve with fruits,honey or maple syrup!


Tender Coconut Chutney

Tender Coconut Chutney

It isn’t common to make chutney out of tender coconut flesh. But the creamy taste and texture of this Coconut chutney is simply divine. I always find it difficult to save some for chutney whenever I buy these tender green coconuts.  There is a mad scramble to drink the water then scoop the flesh out to eat. Most often I have to hide a bit to use next morning in chutney! It is a really melt in the mouth experience. Aside from their wonderful taste and thirst quencher, coconut water and flesh is very nutritious with various minerals and vitamins.

This chutney is made the usual way like other coconut chutneys. Just replace it with tender coconut flesh. Depending on how much quanity of  green tender coconuts flesh, you are able to scoop, you might need 1 or 2 coconuts


1 or 2 tender coconut’s flesh

2 green chillies


1 tbsp oil

1tsp mustard seeds

1 sprig curry  leaves

1tsp tamarind pulp

3 tbsp roasted chana dal (available in indian shops) optional


Grind all together except the mustard seeds, curry leaves and oil. Add water as you go. For tempering, heat oil  , then add mustard seeds and curry leaves. Add to chutney. Serve with any snack.


Gluten free pancakes (Chilas)

Gluten free pancakes (Chilas)

We eat warm breakfasts in winter. They are filling and might look time consuming but sometimes I just keep batter in the fridge and just make them in the morning while making my tea. If you can make pancakes you can make chilas. Chilas are just the  Indian savoury version of pancakes. Best of all they are protein packed and gluten free. And not just any kind of  gluten free pancakes. They are protein packed pancakes. A great way to start your mornings. Handy for packing into school lunches too!






1.5 cups besan (gram flour, you could use chickpea flour too)

1 small onion chopped

1 small tomato chopped

Few sprigs coriander chopped

1 small green chilli chopped (optional)



Oi/ghee for cooking


Mix all the above ingredients except the oil/ghee in a bowl. It is slightly thicker than a pancake batter because of the chopped onions and tomatoes.

Heat a pan. With a ladle pour some in. Spread it. Put a few drops of oil/ghee around it. Flip when cooked one side. Cook the other side. They take longer to cook as they are thicker than pancakes. Best cooked on slow heat. Serve warm or cold with chutney!


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