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Superfood green chutney

Superfood green chutney

Sometimes we just do the same things the way we have been doing it for years! It is hard to change habits, learn new ways and to discover and find efficient ways to do things. But when we do, it is like an “aha” moment and we wonder why we didn’t think of it before!  It is the same with chutneys!

We just make them the same way we are used to and with the same ingredients too! I grow a lot of greens in my garden and just did some mix and match to come up with this chutney that is so delicious and full of vitamins. It is a superfood storehouse! I know you won’t probably find these greens at your grocery shop but don’t be disheartened. This is an inspiration that a small pot of these herbs and weeds are more nutritious than the expensive few day old greens you bring from your supermarket. So give it a try and plant them. You will wonder why you never did it sooner!


a handful of nasturtium leaves (i never planted it, so it just grows every winter on its own!)

a handful of arugula (rocket)

few sprigs of brahmi ( this is a bitter herb and great for memory) so use sparingly

a small bunch of mint

any other edible weed like sorrell or chickweed ( I used chickweed)

an inch of ginger

salt to taste

juice of 1-2 lemons

few green chillies (as much as you can handle)


Blitz all in a blender. Your chutney is ready. Goes well with most appetizers. Eat in on sandwiches with cucumber and tomatoes. As a side dish to any savoury item. Make raita with it, just add few tsp of chutney to yogurt and mix. Endless ways to use! Store in fridge in a glass jar for upto a week.



Gluten free pancakes (Chilas)

Gluten free pancakes (Chilas)

We eat warm breakfasts in winter. They are filling and might look time consuming but sometimes I just keep batter in the fridge and just make them in the morning while making my tea. If you can make pancakes you can make chilas. Chilas are just the  Indian savoury version of pancakes. Best of all they are protein packed and gluten free. And not just any kind of  gluten free pancakes. They are protein packed pancakes. A great way to start your mornings. Handy for packing into school lunches too!






1.5 cups besan (gram flour, you could use chickpea flour too)

1 small onion chopped

1 small tomato chopped

Few sprigs coriander chopped

1 small green chilli chopped (optional)



Oi/ghee for cooking


Mix all the above ingredients except the oil/ghee in a bowl. It is slightly thicker than a pancake batter because of the chopped onions and tomatoes.

Heat a pan. With a ladle pour some in. Spread it. Put a few drops of oil/ghee around it. Flip when cooked one side. Cook the other side. They take longer to cook as they are thicker than pancakes. Best cooked on slow heat. Serve warm or cold with chutney!


Winter Sesame Truffles

Winter Sesame Truffles

Why does this recipe have the word winter in it? In traditional societies, seeds like sesame were eaten in winter because they created warmth. Eating them in summer generates heat in the body so it is not advisable. Sesame seeds have iron and calcium and it is the black ones that have the highest nutrients. It is also advisable to soak the seeds for a few minutes to rid them of the oxalic acid surrounding them. These truffles are rich, so eat them sparingly. This is a raw desert and great for snack or early morning breakfast when you have to rush.  So, here goes the recipe for these warming sesame truffles!


1 cup black or white sesame seeds soaked for 5 minutes

A handful of almonds soaked for 20 minutes

5-6 medjool dates soaked for 10 minutes

1 tsp vanilla extract poweder or liquid

1 tsp maca/ mesquite powder (optional)

1tbsp sesame oil or coconut oil

¼ cup dessicated coconut, leave a tbsp  for garnishing

5 tbsp carob powder or 4 tbsp cacao powder. Leave a tbsp for garnishing

few goji berries for garnishing


In a food processor add the nuts and seeds first, Then add the powders, dates, oil. Process until fine. It will be slightly grainy. With wet hands roll them into small 1-2 inch rounds. Then roll them either in carob powder for chocolate truffles or coconut for white truffles. Decorate with a goji berry each. Stores in fridge for more than a week. Makes 10-15 truffles.


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