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Sometimes we just do the same things the way we have been doing it for years! It is hard to change habits, learn new ways and to discover and find efficient ways to do things. But when we do, it is like an “aha” moment and we wonder why we didn’t think of it before!  It is the same with chutneys!

We just make them the same way we are used to and with the same ingredients too! I grow a lot of greens in my garden and just did some mix and match to come up with this chutney that is so delicious and full of vitamins. It is a superfood storehouse! I know you won’t probably find these greens at your grocery shop but don’t be disheartened. This is an inspiration that a small pot of these herbs and weeds are more nutritious than the expensive few day old greens you bring from your supermarket. So give it a try and plant them. You will wonder why you never did it sooner!


a handful of nasturtium leaves (i never planted it, so it just grows every winter on its own!)

a handful of arugula (rocket)

few sprigs of brahmi ( this is a bitter herb and great for memory) so use sparingly

a small bunch of mint

any other edible weed like sorrell or chickweed ( I used chickweed)

an inch of ginger

salt to taste

juice of 1-2 lemons

few green chillies (as much as you can handle)


Blitz all in a blender. Your chutney is ready. Goes well with most appetizers. Eat in on sandwiches with cucumber and tomatoes. As a side dish to any savoury item. Make raita with it, just add few tsp of chutney to yogurt and mix. Endless ways to use! Store in fridge in a glass jar for upto a week.



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