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It isn’t common to make chutney out of tender coconut flesh. But the creamy taste and texture of this Coconut chutney is simply divine. I always find it difficult to save some for chutney whenever I buy these tender green coconuts.  There is a mad scramble to drink the water then scoop the flesh out to eat. Most often I have to hide a bit to use next morning in chutney! It is a really melt in the mouth experience. Aside from their wonderful taste and thirst quencher, coconut water and flesh is very nutritious with various minerals and vitamins.

This chutney is made the usual way like other coconut chutneys. Just replace it with tender coconut flesh. Depending on how much quanity of  green tender coconuts flesh, you are able to scoop, you might need 1 or 2 coconuts


1 or 2 tender coconut’s flesh

2 green chillies


1 tbsp oil

1tsp mustard seeds

1 sprig curry  leaves

1tsp tamarind pulp

3 tbsp roasted chana dal (available in indian shops) optional


Grind all together except the mustard seeds, curry leaves and oil. Add water as you go. For tempering, heat oil  , then add mustard seeds and curry leaves. Add to chutney. Serve with any snack.


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