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Why does this recipe have the word winter in it? In traditional societies, seeds like sesame were eaten in winter because they created warmth. Eating them in summer generates heat in the body so it is not advisable. Sesame seeds have iron and calcium and it is the black ones that have the highest nutrients. It is also advisable to soak the seeds for a few minutes to rid them of the oxalic acid surrounding them. These truffles are rich, so eat them sparingly. This is a raw desert and great for snack or early morning breakfast when you have to rush.  So, here goes the recipe for these warming sesame truffles!


1 cup black or white sesame seeds soaked for 5 minutes

A handful of almonds soaked for 20 minutes

5-6 medjool dates soaked for 10 minutes

1 tsp vanilla extract poweder or liquid

1 tsp maca/ mesquite powder (optional)

1tbsp sesame oil or coconut oil

¼ cup dessicated coconut, leave a tbsp  for garnishing

5 tbsp carob powder or 4 tbsp cacao powder. Leave a tbsp for garnishing

few goji berries for garnishing


In a food processor add the nuts and seeds first, Then add the powders, dates, oil. Process until fine. It will be slightly grainy. With wet hands roll them into small 1-2 inch rounds. Then roll them either in carob powder for chocolate truffles or coconut for white truffles. Decorate with a goji berry each. Stores in fridge for more than a week. Makes 10-15 truffles.


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